ConnectionsJanuary 3, 2019


KODI (XBMC) Version 17 & Up Tutorial Step 1: Open Kodi and select “TV.” Step 2: Select “Enter add-on browser.” Step 3: Choose “PVR IPTV Simple Client.” Step 4: Click on “Configure.” Step 5: Select “General.” Step 6: If you have a URL for your M3U list, set “Location” to “Re …

ConnectionsNovember 7, 2018


Note : Remember to send us your device MAC ID To activate our service on MAG devices:   connect MAG DEVICE to TV and Internet. Then do as follows Go to : Settings—> System Settings —> Servers—>Portals Set Portal 1 Name  ( see into your E-mail ) Set Portal 1 URL  ( see into your E-mail ) Save everything Reboot device After the box is restarted , wait …

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